Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Winter Color...Hawaiian Style

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the still-dark kitchen of the condo this morning was the lovely sweet aroma wafting into the open jalousie windows.
Once the sun was further up and I walked out to greet the day, there to greet me was a set of large and glorious hibiscus, with blooms the size of lunch plates.

The thing about pure color, or pure beauty, is that it never gets old. For this is not my first trip to this tropical paradise, nor second, but actually approaching closer to a year spent on the various islands. How many pictures have I taken, how many plumeria blossoms plucked off the ground, their sweet fragrance inhaled deeply with closed eyes, a sensual memory to be tucked away and recalled in the gray and rain of the rest of the winter.

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  1. Love the winter colors in Hawaii! Today we have a little snow on the ground. Happy Holidays to you! Jenna Louise