Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mon Livre d'Alphabet

I've been working on this book for months, just waiting for a special to have it printed.

Well, it has been printed and it has arrived for my viewing and smelling pleasure (I love the smell of fresh ink on paper!).

A little more about this book...
From April to September of this year, I created my most ambitious artist card series to date, my French alphabet series. If I measure success in terms of challenge and satisfaction, this series was a great success :-) And, the entire series did sell, including a couple of second chance encore pieces. Most of the cards went to a single collector.
As I was approaching the end of the series, I thought it would be nice to capture all the card images in a picture book.
Then one day as I was "working", I saw an ad from my favorite picture service, Shutterfly, for creating an ABC book. Not only was this intriguing, but the background design of the book was created by Jessica Sprague, a new-to-me digital design goddess who has taught me a lot of what I currently know about Photoshop digital scrapbooking.

And so several interests have all come together in the creation of this book.

What will I do with it? Not sure, besides just keep my copy on my bookshelf. It is a bit pricey because of the length of the book. Stay tuned as I reveal the pages.

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  1. Did you create this Diane?Is it a scrapbook from your trips?I wish I could see more..) :
    Warmest Regards,Cat