Thursday, December 17, 2009

Growth of the Booty Pile

There is a lot more to it than it might appear, accumulating such a large pile of booty. First of all, this represents hours of "work". It is not simply a matter of bend down and pick up the piece of glass.
First of all, one must observe the tidal action, although there is not a lot of tidal variation in Hawaii. Then, one has to observe the wave patterns, and find the sections of the shore where some transverse wave action is creating a deposit of materials. Carefully note the drop off, and start hunting!

Snagging a piece of glass, barehanded, without the aid of any nets or scoops or tools, requires keen eyesight, quick reflexes, all while keeping an eye on the waves and never, never turning your back on the ocean.

What does this have to do with quilt art? Observation, keen insight, always on the lookout for inspiration, finding it in the littlest things, from broken glass tumbled by the see, money lying on the ground, and free beer in the cabana refrigerator :-)


  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing Diane. I too have traversed many of Hawaii's shores. On more than one occasion I've been reminded of the strength and power of the Pacific's waves. Sea glass hunting can be a tranquil stroll on some days but often it can be a workout and a excersize in mutual respect with the sea and what it offers up. Here's my blog post on one sea glass trip:

    Thanks again, Mary Beth

  2. You have taken me there,thank you.Hugs,Cat