Wednesday, December 30, 2009

French by my Side

Sometime during the Christmas season, my French Word-A-Day book arrived, this one the Summer 2009 Stories, by Kristin Espinasse. The book, which of course I had forgotten I had ordered, sat under the Christmas tree for a while, still wrapped in plastic. It was a gift to myself, so not inappropriate to be under the tree and wrapped.

But the tree came down early this year, to prepare for the final cleanup prior to selling this Stern residence. And so the book got shifted.

Shifting is what I've done a lot of these past few months. Shift stuff from the master bedroom to the spare bedroom, from the spare bedroom to Jay's house, from the dining room to the garage, etc. Shifting can occur in multiple stages before an item finally comes to rest in a packing box in the garage.

Well, my French Word-A-Day book is in stage 2 or 3 of shifting, sitting right beside my desk, something that shall remained unpacked until the last box from the studio is packed, so that I may continue to enjoy it.

Kristin's wonderfully personal and light-hearting writing has made me a lifelong fan. I feel I know this lovely woman, her children Max and Jackie with their constant attemps to correct their mother's French, their dog Braise and her big amourous adventure of the summer, the puppies, and the ups and downs of brave little Smokey, and of course husband and winemaker Jean-Marc.
You can learn a little French as you support this wonderful blog, buy the book, and enjoy it as I am!

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  1. I love the French Word A Day blog, I need to pick up the book! Speaking of book, you won the Paris Tales book on blog, I will email you about it!