Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ABC Book - G

This next page evokes such special memories for me :-)

When I visited Megan in Paris in March of 2009, we managed to find a little time to sneak around the corner from her dorm on rue de Sevres to the tiny little cafe and brocante, Mamie Gâteaux.

Oh what a charming little place it was, and despite the cool temperatures of March, it was a lovely sunny day, and the buildings on all sides protected us from any breeze, so it was warm and lovely in the sunshine out on the sidewalk.

We ordered cappucinos that came in giant bowls, and scones with jam. While Megan worked on her embroidered mittens, I listened to the conversation of the ladies next to us, one of which was embarking on a great cupcake adventure in Paris.
I made sure to grab a business card from the inside before we left.

When it came time to create the "G" alphabet card, I knew I wanted to use the imagery from the Mamie Gâteaux card, but had quite a time finding it. But find it I did, and used it (actually a copy...I still have the original in Megan's Paris scrapbook) on the back of my "gâteau de mariage" artist card.

Nous allons prendre le thé à Mamie Gâteaux.
Le gâteau de mariage est blanc.

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