Sunday, November 1, 2009

Venice Amore - A Mosaic ACEO

The mosaic part was was thinking through the background and the layering that took the most time.

So here is what I did with one of the digitally altered photos of Venice. Because I was conerned about putting glue onto an inkjet photo print, I first put a Hambly overlay on top of the print. I inked the edges with copper ink, which matches the Hambly color nicely.

Then I simply glued the mosaics in place with Weldbond, which dries clear and almost makes it seem like the heart is floating over the Venetian scene.

On the back I used the other digitally altered photo, another piece of the Hambly overlay, and a couple of copper-colored metallic elements for balance.

Very pleased :-)

Although I wouldn't mind seeing something to enclose the edges, like stitching. But with 2 layers of photo paper, 2 layers of acrylic overlay and bristol board in between, I would likely have broken a needle. So, I'll just be pleased as is :-)

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