Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Fun with Photoshop

This is the simplest of simple things to do in Photoshop, but it is the most creative thing I did today...another day of trying to dig out of 12 years of accumulated mess and dust.

In between the dedusting and unmessing, I've been working on finishing up my August to December 2008 blog book.

One of the most significant events of that period was our trip to the French and Swiss Alps, and one of the things I most want to be remembered for is being young at heart.

So I chose this photo of myself, but since Tod took the picture, he wasn't in it.

Photoshop to the rescue!



A quick bit on how to do this:
  • open original photo
  • open a photo with the face you want
  • use the lasso tool to select the face, leaving a little space all around
  • Select > Feather > about 10 pixels
  • Copy from the face photo
  • Paste into the original photo
  • Switch to the move tool and move the face into place
  • Oh and there was some playing with the size of the face image to get it to fit :-)

1 comment:

  1. You ARE young at heart! What a fun photo, and I'm glad you were able to make it fun for both of you! Thanks for sharing!