Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Italian Sketchbook ACEO

The last of my International Countries or Cultures challenge ACEOs...this one from the remnants and afterthoughts, and yet one of my favorites!

I picked out far more vintage Italian stamps than I needed for the other cards.

When I was stamping on the back of the "Lean on Me" Pisa card, there was still ink on the stamp so I stamped on a painted background sheet.

And when I was laying out a huge bundle of purple fabric to sell, I came upon this little scrap of fabric called Italian Sketchbook designed by my friend Jane Kriss. I loved that line of fabric, and still remember the look on her face as she talked about her trip to Tuscany which was the inspiration for the fabric design.

So all these leftovers and afterthoughts got put together like this:

I used the words from the selvage on the back:

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  1. I'm loving this card Diane!!!
    I've also given you the Creativ Blogger Award.Check out yesterdays post!!Warmest Regards,Cat