Friday, November 6, 2009

Creative Blogging

I am remiss in acknowledging a lovely award received from Creative Cat of In the light of the Moon.

My first obligation is to name 7 random things about myself...I think I'll make them 7 random things about my creative side :-)
  1. i love to paint, even though I am not good at it
  2. my gold glitter paint is one of my favorite supplies
  3. I have become a huge fan of Tim Holtz
  4. i can't bear to throw away anything that might be considered ephemera
  5. i long for a shed in which to paint, glue and mosaic to my heart's messy content
  6. i am currently obsessed with photographs and digital scrapbooking
  7. i love being creative in nearly everything I do
Thank you, Cat!

1 comment:

  1. I started laughing when you wrote I'm starting to love Tim Holtz...I just love his style too.And I put the Stickles up on my blog because of your question on what I used,so thanks for the idea.I didnt know you loved scrapbooking as well,I've been scrapping for years but have never tried the digital scrapbooking.I just recently joined PD4U(PAPER Designs for You)on Ebay.Its a scrapping group,but sadly I may be leaving it.I just never seem to have enough time of the day!!( : Why is that anyway??hehehe!!!Warmest Regards,Cat