Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cherishing the Artistic Moments

Enough with the cleaning and hands hurt, my fingertips are sore, I cannot bear to pick up another sponge, I need a manicure so soul longs for something creative to do...

And so after almost a week I picked up my Cherish mini album and threw myself headlong into cherish-land for several blissful hours.

First some practicalities...securing the binding a little better, and stitching all the pages together for better hold, plus I really like the way stitching looks on the edges. Then out with some inks to ink the grungeboard.

I love the grungeboard! I love the way it feels, I love the way it smells, I love the way it takes the ink (just what I needed, ink all over my dry, cracked, sore hands...but somehow I do not mind as much right now..)

Added more color, sewed (and glued) some lace trim along the 'binding' edge (the binding is painted on Ranger Crackle Paint), and placed the "Cherish" book plate on so I can hide the brad wings on the next page.

Distress ink, gold vellum, a perfect piece of scrapbook paper, a brad, and the stitches from the lace on the front make for a completed page 1. Only 12 more to go! :-)

I want to make this an album for holding artist cards, and so I want to use transparent overlays so cards could be taken out and changed, but how to secure them?? Stitching would be perfect, but I would have had to do that before the pages were put into the accordion binding. The order of building these mini-books is one of the biggest challenges!

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