Monday, October 12, 2009

When in Doubt, Add a Butterfly

There is something about the imagery of the butterfly that beckons to me over and over again. When in doubt as to what to do to spark up an artist card...I add a butterfly.

Which is just what I've done with the latest, number 4, in my fall collage series...

The background is part of a "mother collage", a canvas painted with purple, gold and a touch of turquoise and red acrylic paint. This was cut into 8 pieces to serve as the background for the 8 cards that will make up this series (if I ever get them done...some of them are just not speaking to me!).

Over the background collage I added several vintage postage stamps from the collection that Megan bought for me in Paris. These are overstamped with postal imagery. On top of this is a lovely purple butterfly, stitched in place with gold thread, highlighted with gold ink and faceted with purple glass crystals.

Both the butterfly and the 'DISCOVER' word are mounted on a purple paint chip (free at your local hardware store!).

On the back is a hand-painted and hand-stamped purple fabric with red hearts and repetitive Je t'aime messages. I grabbed this from my studio because of the color more than anything, and why dig through piles of fabric when there is a purple fabric sitting right in front of you??

The front and back are mounted onto timtex interfacing and stitched along the sides with gold thread in a zig-zag stitch.

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