Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Or a Bird - Artist Card #4

Besides butterflies, birds seem to have quite the imagery draw for me, perhaps because of the texture of feathers!

When John Carlos moved out of the downstairs apartment at 218 Connecticut, he got rid of a veritable dumster full of decorator samples. Now, that is not to say anyone went dumpster diving for fabric and trim...ahem...but somehow these wonderful feather samples ended up in my possession, which are just the perfect size for artist trading cards.

Once again we have the "mother collage" background, the fourth in the series.

Over the background collage I added several pieces of paper ephemera, gold fabric with leaf motifs, a brown-feathered bird with a crystal eye, and a metal clock face, along with the words "Time to Fly" spelled out in faux paper typewriter letters (yes, I cut these out individually with tiny scissors!).

On the back is the same gold leaf fabric, and a piece of the feathery trim, secured in place with glue and stitching.

The front and back are mounted onto timtex interfacing and stitched along the sides with gold thread in a zig-zag stitch.


  1. I agree with you,birds...just love them to pieces..flying...soaring...come on..who doesnt want to be a bird every once in a while.Another wonderful creation Diane!Cat

  2. Diane, "Flying" happens to be this week's Illustration Friday word. You could go to illustrationfriday.com and post a link to your blog if you get there before Friday!

  3. Thanks, Cat! And thanks for the tip, Deb! I did it :-)