Thursday, October 8, 2009

On the Nightstand - Vincent's Letters

I wish I had discovered blogging sooner, or perhaps kept up that little diary with the tiny lock and key. Then I wouldn't have such a blank between say 1968 and April of 2007.

But I remember one day Megan took me to the San Francisco public library. It's a beautiful building in the heart of downtown, and it's filled with books...what's not to like?? Considering we went back to 218 Connecticut St, it must have been some time between August of 2007 and Dec of 2008, which is in the blog period, but I can't find any reference to it. I remember it was very sunny but very breezy, and there was a book sale in front of the library.

And there I picked out a copy of Vincent Van Gogh's letters, Volume 3, covering primarily the Arles period, to the end. As with any huge book from the library, I didn't finish it before having to return it, so I decided to buy a copy of all 3 volumes.

It took a while, but finally I got a deal on eBay. For only $40, a slipcase version of all 3 volumes in excellent condition, purchased from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, where I considered buying a copy, but I think the price tag was much higher, and would involve stuffing 3 heavy books in my suitcase.

So, not only is Volume 2 now on my nightstand for bedtime reading, but through the wonders of the internet and Facebook, today I learned about the release of a new edition of the letters, along with an online version, cross referenced at least 4 different ways, searchable, with sketches...amazing!

And then I discovered Vincent's Blog!

I am overwhelmed with interest and information!

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