Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finding Treasures in the Dust

We've decided to move. We've known for some time now that we would move someday, but have decided the someday is sooner rather than later. We do not have a new house, and our current house is weighted under the dust and accumulation of 12 years.

But, no apologies, because my inner french girl revels in the fact that we LIVE in our house. It is not a showcase, it's always messy, but I can sew, mosaic, do jigsaw puzzles, scrapbook, create ATCs, paint, and in other ways feed my creative instincts at a second's notice because all the supplies for creativity are out and available, and not just in my studio, but also spilling out into the family room, kitchen, dining room, of course garage.

But that means a lot of work to clean up and get ready to sell, without compromising the creative instinct which needs more nourishment than usual during this stressful process.

So, what a treat to find, while groping along the top of a china cabinet in the dining room, dust bunnies flying up and falling down all around me, a treasure!


"What are these?" I asked.
"Candlesticks", was the factual reply.
"I know, but where did they come from?"
"They were my grandparents'", voice now trailing, wondering if I was going to demand they be banished from the house, "and used to sit on the dining room table..."
"Well, you are in luck, because I LOVE them!"

Ooh I can see these on the mantelpiece of my shabby chic French-inspired cream, black and colorful dressing room. Oh, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and treasures to be found in the dust!


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