Friday, October 23, 2009

Eiffel Tower ACEO #6

I love each one better than the last!

Oh how perfect is the typography background of the fabric and the Eiffel Tower...
the fuchsia color of the silk layer between the background and the paper...
the perfect gilding on the edges of the Tower slide, extending to the lace (each time I use that lace I distinctly remember buying it in that tiny little shop near Faubourg St Dennis),...
and topping off the serendipitous perfection...
finding the phrase 'Le coup de coeur' in fuchsia pink, with a heart!

Oui, c'est le coup de coeur pour moi et Paris, le coup de coeur pour moi et la tour, le coup de coeur pour moi et ma petite carte!

Luck was with me on this one, as I mixed the paints attempting to get that fuchsia color, and hand painted the back around a stamped heart.

Ah, I am so enjoying this series...each one telling a little story, and capturing a little piece de ma coeur.

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  1. Diane,what a wonderful color.How wonderful to remember such a lovely memory in regards to the lace.Beautiful card.Cat