Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And Treasures in Nature

Yesterday I wrote about finding a treasure in the dust of our cleaning and packing adventures.

Today I am buried even deeper in paper, shreds, dust, dirt, old clothes and other non-inspiring, non-creative amalgams of the years.

I am sorely tempted to be blue, but I've got to have heart!

It was only a few weekends ago that we were hiking in the woods at Kirkwood, peeping at the leaves of the quaking aspens as they began their journey to autumnal gold.

Just ahead of me on the path, a lovely piece of quartz caught my eye. One end of it was so clear and polished I could see right through it.

Well, that piece of quartz made it's way into my pocket, then onto the table once we got home, then into my bag to be brought to short, the rock accompanied me in my appointed rounds for the next several days.

Then one day at work, while waiting for something or other as I usually am, I picked up the rock and gasped out loud. For this is what I saw...

Heart in Quartz

There is a message there I am sure, and it's...I must keep heart!


  1. Wow! Blessings and God's messages get through somehow...yes, take heart. Whatever it was you were blue about, this gotta make you smile!

  2. What a wonderful treasure you hold in your hand.And to think how many of us would not have even noticed its true beauty.I've always believed that we truly see,only when our eyes are ready to see,and our ears eager to hear,and when our hearts are open.You are ready for something..a journey perhaps,a daydream,inspiration.Cat

  3. What a beautiful discovery Diane. I am sure this is one treasure you will carry with you in your heart.