Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Did I Forget the "Y"??

Checking back through my French alphabet posts, I noticed I forgot to blog about the "Y" artist card! Why Did I Forget the "Y"??
I guess I was too wrapped up in kitties, quilts and pictures!
Oh and then there is work and house-hunting.

I actually really like the "Y"...well, I like just about all my work, but I think this has nice balance, and I'm proud at having found the French words to cut out of a magazine, especially the 'seulement'.

French ribbon and lace from Paris adorn the sides and bottom.

On the back I used a great paper I bought for pennies at the ZNE fest (what was that called...it was something Italian...) with scribbled Je t'aime, and added a few stamped images.

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