Friday, September 4, 2009

Travel Trivia 13 - Room With a View

I am traveling from August 23rd to September 10th. Detailed journals of my travels and tons of pictures are on my Shutterfly site.

But I thought it would be fun (albeit difficult) to pick one picture per day that represents something special or different or unexpected, and that explains how and why I travel.

Day 13 Trivia - Stop and Smell the Morning
As related in travel trivia 1 through 12, it is not just the sightseeing, the tours, the schedules...for me, it's often just about being in another place, a beautiful place. I fell in love with this beautiful place, this wall right outside the back of our hotel, La Cisterna, in San Giniagno.
As the sun came up, things turned from misty gray to all the shades of green...the gray green olive trees, the green grape vines, the dark green cypress. I will return, to hopefully see the budding of spring and the turning of the leaves in the fall. And I would not mind seeing a soft blanket of snow covering this beautiful landscape.

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