Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quilt in Progress

I made this beautiful Circles quilt top years ago...I was actually able to find a record of the was October of 2004. I'm not sure when Beth first saw this quilt top, but she loved it and wanted it. She took it home with her, but some time later brought it back, saying that sadly it just did not work in her house.

It has hung in the closet ever since. I did once take it out and consider selling it as a top on eBay, but with each circle hand appliqued to the background, and each of the many fabrics carefully selected over days of intensive design, I felt I would never get a fair price for it, and so back into the closet it went.

Then back in April I heard from Beth again, after several years. I quilted her Surfing Samurais quilt for her. But she asked about this circle quilt that she loved. Since 2004, her house has been painted (and what a beautiful house it is!) and now that Circle quilt looks beautiful in the main stairwell against a cream-colored wall.

And so I will quilt another quilt, despite it's size (68" x 86"). I will put my best effort into this beautiful quilt. I have started!

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