Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Unfinished Projects Allowed

Sometime during the summer, which seems so long ago, Megan started making herself a new quilt, for her new apartment, which of course we had not even started looking for yet.

She dutifully cut out the templates and mounted and laminated them (how cute is that!), and cut out the required 459 pieces (I am not exaggerating, this is how many pieces were required). The fabric collection is Chocolate Lollipop from Anna Maria Horner.
The quilt design is Anna Maria's Garden Wall quilt.

She sewed and pressed the 51 pieces required for each block, and got 6 of the 9 blocks sewn together. The remaining blocks were somewhat on the design board, somewhat sitting on the mosaic table in the studio.

And then things got busy...time to move, finish all the summer design project homework, get on with the business of finishing the last year of school.

And so little by little I plugged away at these last blocks, and got the top put together. Because we do not want to proliferate unfinished projects!

A weekend trip to The Granary yielded the perfect backing.

But the border fabrics are all in San Francisco...hmmm, how long before borders are chosen, cut and sewn so that this can become a warm quilt to take the chill off a San Francisco morning or evening?

Let's aim for Christmas :-)

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