Friday, September 18, 2009

Kittie Update - Larry

This is Larry, Mo's little sister. She's the same age but much smaller than her brothers, and looks just like her mom Arnold (who we have not seen for well over a month).
Until very recently, Larry was extremely skittish and a very hissy cat. It was even difficult to feed her early on, because she was afraid and also would gladly back away when one of her brothers would go after her food.

But Larry changed while we were in Italy, I think due to the socializing efforts of our neighbor Peter, who also helps care for these strays.
Larry has now become a sweet little purr monster, often coming to the door with a little meow, just to be petted and scratched.
She's just as active as her brothers, was the first to discover climbing trees, is an expert bug catcher, and is now the fastest eater of the three.

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  1. She is so cute. Are you guys going to get them spayed/neutered (or did I miss that in an earlier post?). I have a friend who does that with ferals, she then releases them back when she is done.

    (Posted by Andi, accidentally deleted by me!)