Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Quilt Top Farewell

While rummaging under one of the tables in my studio, I came across a quilt Impressionist scene of a bunch of tulips. Who knows how long ago I made this top. I had left it in 4 pieces to be able to show students how to sew these kinds of quilts together when there are set-in seams involved.
Well, I decided to tackle those 4 set-in seams (not at all a problem for a pro like me) and list this top on eBay.

On the one hand it may seem like I didn't get very much money for the top, but on the other hand, think about how exciting it would be to find more than $50 under the table in one's studio!

Farewell, tulip quilt top, may you bring pleasure to your new owner in Canada!

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