Sunday, August 23, 2009

Travel Trivia 1 - Gnomes

I am traveling from August 23rd to September 10th. Detailed journals of my travels and tons of pictures are on my Shutterfly site.

But I thought it would be fun (albeit difficult) to pick one picture per day that represents something special or different or unexpected, and that explains how and why I travel.

Day 1 Trivia- I travel with a gnome.
Why? Because I like gnomes and gnomes like to travel and it's fun to take pictures of places with gnomes, and I like to have fun when I travel.

This particular gnome, Cedric, is small enough to fit in a pocket so it's easy to take him along, but that also means it's hard to take pictures of him, with both he and the background objects in focus, unless the background objects happen to also be something small, like this coffee cup in the Red Carpet Club at San Francisco Airport.

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