Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel Trivia 5 - More Gnomes

I am traveling from August 23rd to September 10th. Detailed journals of my travels and tons of pictures are on my Shutterfly site.

But I thought it would be fun (albeit difficult) to pick one picture per day that represents something special or different or unexpected, and that explains how and why I travel.

Day 6 Trivia - More on Gnomes.
Because I like gnomes, and treat them well, gnomes like me, and reveal themselves to me.

I found this fellow in a stairwell/alleyway in Varenna on Lake Como in Italy. Tod did not see the gnome, so I know it was only revealing itself to me.

I know I said only one picture per day, but I couldn't help looking back to our visit to Varenna in 2005, and lo and behold, there he was.

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