Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summertime, and the Sun's Always Shining!

I try never to take for granted the fact that the sun always shines here in Northern California, every day, without fail. It never rains, although the fog sometimes tries our patience, but you can always count on being able to be outdoors.

Yup, summertime, and the livin' is easy.

Here's to you, summer sunshine!

The subject of the "S" ACEO of my French alphabet series represents the letter both in English and in French - le soleil, the sun!

The background of the card is hand painted with acrylic fabric paint...out of all the fabric I have, I just could not find the right color for the sky...I wanted the deep blue of the California sky, especially in the California mountains, so I hand painted it to achieve just the right color.

Onto this I thread painted a sun with gold variegated polyester thread, then over-quilted it with gold metallic thread. In real life, it sparkles!!

The back is another collage, since I can hardly ever fit all I want to do and say on a single artist card side.

I started with a blue artist paper, then added the definition of 'le soleil' from my vintage french dictionary (and each time I open that dictionary, I see myself trolling the booths at the Boulevard de Grenelle antiques market back in January, so thrilled to finally find un dictionaire, pas tres cher!).

The edges are aged with distress ink. Onto this I stamped some swirly images with gold ink. The clockface that has marked all the cards in this series is present with a gold crystal.

To this I added faux paper typewriter letters spelling out "soleil".

The front and back of the card are sewn together with a satin stitch on the edge. On the back I overpainted the stitching with gold sparkle acrylic paint.

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