Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shared Stitches Part 1 - Bright Quilts

It's rewarding when the relationships built over shared interests last a long time. I met Sharon at least a dozen years ago, a quilting colleague. When she recently sent an email asking if I remembered her, the answer was "of course".

Long story short, Sharon is now the owner of a quilt shop called "Shared Stitches".

She is also now the owner of several of my quilts which will grace the walls of the quilt shop and hopefully inspire the quilters who walk through the doors of the shop.

First, some bright quilts which will adorn the shop!

Pic Pockets, featuring three-dimensional envelopes sewn into the seams of a colorful quilt!

Pixie Stix, in which contrasting stripes create the illusion of a colorful lattice...

And Circus Peanuts, in which candy-wrapper shapes interconnect forming secondary and tertiary patterns of color and value.

I am so happy to have these quilts find new homes!

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