Tuesday, August 11, 2009

J'Adore Mon Blog

Being all about me, the things I love, the things I do, all the special moments, special people, special artwork, my legacy, my record, my reminder of wonderful things past...what's not to 'adore', alor oui, j'adore mon blog!

Special thank you to Michele of ibreakforglass (love this name for this mosaic artist!) for bestowing upon me this nice blog award, un image sur un timbre! et en français! et je pense qu'elle me ressemble, well, maybe when I wore my hair short, and it was still brown, et j'ai eu 30 ans plus jeune que j'ai maintenant ;-)

Hmmm, to name 5 things I love, not hard, but let's make it more spontaneous...5 things I love today, right now, first 5 things to come to mind:
  1. ma famille, Tod et Megan
  2. ma voiture, la belle jaguar
  3. free bagels for breakfast on Wednesdays
  4. Paris
  5. my lovely African violets
And the blogs that I love...well, they are on the left side of this page...such wonderful things to look at, read and enjoy chaque jour.
Today, I must add a few newly discovered journals:

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  1. Oh la la, j'adore cette image ! Est-ce que je peux pique pour moi meme ? C'est adorable!!!