Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From Paris With Love...Next Artist Card

Time for the "T", a titillating tale of les timbres.
Who doesn't love les timbres, fascinating pieces of postal ephemera, couriers of love, harbingers of news, expressions of time, place, receipts of monies spent for that wonder of the world, the postal system!

OK, perhaps that's a bit lofty, but I do like stamps. My dad had an extensive stamp collection, and still has a smaller collection, and like many of his philatelic partners, can spend hours pouring over the stamp albums.

My affairs with les timbres are more fleeting. I enjoy looking at them, like to have them around, but don't mind parting with them, especially as I know there are others out there like me, my recipients, who will notice the stamp placed with care on the missive.

I consider it one of my more bold French accomplishments having purchased les timbres at La Poste (rue Cler, rue de Sevres), le tabac, et aussi at the gift shop at the top of Aguille de Midi in Chamonix. So I've bought stamps at 3842 meters!

And oh how thrilled I was when Megan returned to our apartment on rue Violette with a whole package of les timbres purchases at the Blvd de Grenelle antiques market!

These are the memories that I ponder as I carefully place chaque timbre de poste sur une carte postale sur une papier d'artist, avec un visage d'horloge avec le "T" et une diamant, un fleur-de-lis, et les lettres "t i m b r E s".

And on the back, layers of postal papers and stamps intertwined with a fleur-de-lis cutout, the name of my favorite city, and that universal expression, "Par Avion". Isn't it interesting that one can stamp "Par Avion" on a letter going anywhere in the world, and it is understood!

I miss you, Paris, this is made with love :-)

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  1. Your work makes everybody else miss Paris too! And I didn't even have good layovers the few times I was there!