Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bargain Bin Whimsy

I think I understand the nature of the word whimsical...I think perhaps it is something that results from purchases made on a whim...

Be this a whim, whimsy or whimsical, this treasure was plucked from the 70% off bin outside JoAnne's where I went to get more Pelltex for my artist cards.

And coincidentally, since tomorrow is the day Megan gets her new apartment, and it is time for the birthday collage to return to its rightful owner, I had a blank spot on the wall above my desk, perfect for a whimsically distressed metal fleur-de-lis!

What birthday collage?? Why, the one I made for Megan's 20th birthday, which I have lovingly maintained while she was away in Paris. We agree it should be amongst the goods in the first carload to go to San Francisco tomorrow.

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