Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back to Square "Un"

For this ACEO, the next in my French alphabet series, I've created digital backgrounds, with layers of images and color representing the number and word in both French and English. A similar but separate digital collage forms the base of the front and back.

On the front I added a vintage 1,00 franc postage stamp, the crystal embellished clockface "U", and stamped letters with the message "back to square". A metal fleru-de-lis charm adds dimension.

On the back, another embellished clockface, French ribbon with tiny Eiffel Towers, and more fleur-de-lis charms.

Both sides are overstamped with postal images and finished off with lots of shiny sparkly gold glitter paint (which does not show in the scans...this card is sparkly!).


  1. Wow, you are doing such great art, making such interesting things to look at. I've done a few ATC swaps, and now I'm inspired to do more after seeing what you're making.
    (I found your blog from the nablopomo blogroll.)

  2. Esta es una muy bonita!

    (I don't know French, but I like it!)