Friday, August 7, 2009

Artist Card Supplies...A Trip to Hambly Studios

Right here in Santa Clara Valley is Hambly Studios, a screen printing shop that makes the most beautiful papers and paper overlaps I have ever seen. I discovered Hambly at the local scrapbook store, Memories Live On.

Today they held an Open House at their studio/warehouse in Santa Clara. I decided to bring some fun money stolen from my purple box..after all, I am not likely to need the purple box or its contents anymore.

Anyway, in exchange for some purple box funny money, I got a stack of beautiful papers, overlaps and stickers. I could probably make hundreds of artist cards from all this. So I'd better get some sleep so as to be rested and ready for the Scrapbook Convention tomorrow, where I might have to drop a little more funny money.

(PS Funny Money is just someone who never carries it, never uses it, it seems like funny money.)

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  1. Diane, glad to see how inspired you are! I have a friend who scrapbooks...She used to own a scrapbooking store, until the rent exceeded her sales. We are vacationing with their family next week, and she is planning to bring her scrapbooking supplies. I think she hopes to drag me into the hobby. I love seeing what other people do, but it's not an art form that's ever grabbed me. I wouldn't have a clue as to what to do with all those papers!