Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tiger Fan

Somehow the last couple of weeks have slid by without much art, much writing, much journaling...I'm not sure why, and so I am not sure what it was that was missing that has potentially now returned, but anyway, I feel like writing again, keeping track of special things, and special things occur every day!

This is by way of catchup, but not at all inappropriate on the first day of the Open Championship, the tournament that we talked about attending in Scotland, but alas we are not there, so perhaps another year...

Meanwhile, by way of catchup, the early part of the warm day of the 4th of July 2009 was spent watching golf. Not on TV like we usually do, but live golf! at Congressional Country Club in Potomac MD, where we stopped on our way to the beach for my first live glimpse of the legendary Tiger Woods!

I was not disappointed!
But I have to admit it is more informative to watch on TV, which we did the next day (via our home Tivo on our laptop thanks to borrowed bandwidth from the condo across the street...gotta love technology!), rooting Tiger on to victory!

Go Tiger!!

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