Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Morning Ephemera

Although the summer afternoons are hot (but it's a dry heat), the mornings are cool and crisp, perfect for the morning "constitutional". This morning was particularly pleasant, with high little puff clouds in the otherwise clear blue sky, lots of twittering birds, the smell of fresh-cut summer grass, and especially fruitful ephemeral findings (try saying that 3 times fast!).

It's funny how a small object can trigger so many memories!

The first find was a piece of pool-blue tile, most likely from the recently repaired swimming pool on Bollinger near the Safeway. How many times we've passed this spot in past years and often found wet and muddy grass and pools of water on the sidewalk, thinking perhaps an ambitious sprinkler was the culprit?

Then last year we saw they were tearing up and likely repairing a leaky swimming pool, which explains a lot!

Alas, reminds me of another swimming pool under repair, at the Hilton Waikoloa on the Big Island. Boy, the years and trips all meld together so it's hard to recall exactly what year it was...perhaps the year of our 10th anniversary (that would have been January of 2007)?

I remember walking by the main pool (on the morning constitutional) and finding it drained and under repair. They were stripping off and replacing thousands of pool-blue tiles.
Oh how I wanted those tiles!! I still regret not grabbing handfuls of those tiles! After all, they were being replaced.
But someone who shall remain nameless does not believe in taking things without permission. Does he know that I snuck one home anyway? One precious pool-blue tile that sits among the pens and pencils in my travel pencil case.

Still wet from a morning sprinkling (from a sprinkler that is, not a rain shower...we won't see one of those again for months!) was someone else's ticket stub from a showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which the movies insist on shortening to Harry 6.

They could just shorten it to Harry, after all, we all know where we're at in the movie scheme of things.

I've already reported on my own viewing of HP & the HBP...
what I remember fondly is my first intro to Harry Potter.
I was a bit of a late-comer. Although I'd heard talk of the story, it was not until the second book came out in 1998 that I took greater notice. Both the Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets were prominently displayed at the book store in San Francisco airport, the bookstore that I cannot pass without at least a quick browse. I was traveling to Atlanta Georgia, enroute to Marietta (yuck, no good memories of Marietta or the job I had which sent me to Marietta) and wanted something for Megan.
A gentleman passing the table, seeing me flipping through the book, felt compelled to comment "they're really good books, and not just for children. You'll enjoy them too!". I thought about that, but not wanting to carry one or two heavy books, I stopped on the way back and bought Megan her first Harry Potter book. Like Harry, she was on her way to turning 11 years old.
And here we are, 11 years later, still enjoying Harry Potter in one way or another!

And then there is the dime. I do not leave loose change lying on the ground, no matter how beaten up, nicked, bent, or dirty. For that matter, I have a hard time leaving anything on the ground that hints even remotely of being interesting or useful. All found change goes into the electronic counting jar that sits by the door...the jar that says it contains $10.21,

but apparently someone has been pilfering from the jar.

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  1. Welcome back home from your trip! Cliff and Evan (DH and son) are in San Diego for the media convention right 3 probably passed in the skies.