Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July...Go Fly a Kite!

The 1st of the month is the day for the ACEO Theme Week challenge. Most months I spend a lot of time planning my artist card, gathering materials, sketching things out and making the ACEO.

This month, I essentially forgot all about it!

The easy thing to do would have been to bypass this month and pick up the challenge in August. But who needs easy? Well, I do, but...

This would be a good exercise in quick artistic decisions and getting it done!

I'm not sure where the kite idea came from, but since working on it., that wonderful "Let's go fly a kite" song from Mary Poppins has been running through my head!
Thanks to my friend Pat Yamin of Come Quilt With Me, red and white solid fabric was close at hand, making this pieced kite a snap to sew together.
While cleaning out floral fabrics recently, I came across some sky fabric, good for the background, and it was just where I remembered it!

On our recent trip to The Ribbonerie in San Francisco, I picked up a couple of scraps of red, white and blue ribbon, originally intended, I believe, for French themed artist cards, but since the US and France share teh same patriotic colors, they have become dual purpose ribbons!

I had to dump my bag of ribbons, charms and brads and my bins of the same to find all my stars, but find them I did, and Megan's stash of floss yielded just the right colors to add to the kite strings!

A lovely recent addition to my ACEO collection (soon to be shared) prompted an interesting a quilter, I would never leave the back of an ACEO blank. I think perhaps traditional artists are used to signing the back with a pencil and calling a work done. But a 3D artist like myself must do something on the back!

A quick run to the upstairs stash of paper and I found a fireworks paper, added a tag and some gold acrylic favorite cheap bottle of sparkly gold acrylic paint :-)

Happy early 4th of July - let's Celebrate!

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  1. Fun AND patriotic! You've got a winner here!