Sunday, July 26, 2009

And Rapidly to "R"...Yet Another Artist Card!

I won't say I am on a roll, 'cause that might be bad mojo, but just a day after the "Q" artist card comes the "R" artist card! "R" for "Roi".

The base for the regal queen is a plush mohair velvet fabric (an upholstery sample rescued from the discards of John Carlos at 218 Connecticut).
The paper queen, an image from a vintage deck of playing cards, is sewn in place with large stitches, reminiscent of those 'learn to sew' cards I had as a kid.
The clockface "R" is also sewn in place. Gold gimp trim adorns the side, and French lace, highlighted with gold acrylic paint, trims the bottom.
A metal crown with pink glass crystals, a gold colored fleur-de-lis, and a red crystal on the clockface complete the front.

On the back is another vintage playing card image, on yellow cardstock, all highlighted with gold sparkle acrylic paint. I discovered that my fingers do the best job of highlighting with sparkle paint...even better than drybrushing!

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  1. Awesome cards!! What will you do when you finish the alphabet?
    I use cotton (90%) lycra (10%) mix ribbed knit for the Lids. That way it is durable, breathable, will stretch big but always go back to the original size!