Monday, June 29, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, while Tod was out of town, Megan and I were watching In Bruges when we saw something out on the patio.

"It's a kitten! And there is another, and another, and a cat"!

That was the start - a mom and 3 kittens, now known as Arnold, Moe, Larry and Curly.

The camped out for a couple of days, evidently cleaning the yard of mice, then apparently moved on.

I had to put a little food and water out...they were so little, even Arnold the mom was just a young cat, and I did not want them to starve (how many mice do we have in the yard!!??).

Since then we've seen one or another of them, nearly every day, but they had evidently moved on. Until tonight.

Could be the tray of Friskies I put out last night, and refilled this morning, with a few more on the fence (when we have seen them, it has usually been one or another of them walking along the back or side fences, sometimes rousing the crazy dog Sasha next door into a frenzy of barking).

Tonight we decided to eat out on the patio, and no sooner sat down then we spied Arnold, sitting right on the patio not 20 feet from us. Then along came Moe with a pathetic little mew, but I was delighted to see his infected eye had cleared up nicely. Larry was not far behind. They wanted our dinner!

I crept into the kitchen for the Friskies box, put out a couple of piles, and then was entertained by the antics of eating, fighting, washing and finally napping in the yard.

Arnold chose as her comfy spot the stump in the back.

I have not been able to get a shot of them all...the camera freaks them out, but here at least are Arnold, Moe (white) and Larry (who looks just like his mom).


  1. Adorable, so cute, you have a new family!

  2. How sweet! You HAVE to adopt them - quick, before they get ticks and ear mites!

    I was talking about you and Char today...I met a quilter, and we were talking about how it takes a special talent, and patience to do textiles.