Friday, June 26, 2009

Smelling the Roses of Summer

We've had a strange month of June, with gray skies and even a few rain showers. I think this is why I am suddenly more aware of "summer".

As we get older, we can lose that special something that comes with "summer" - the long lazy days, the warm weather, lemonade stands, cool-ade, barbecues, the summer reading list - many of the things which make summer so special to us as kids...a period of almost 3 months in which we don't have to go to school, and can let the routine go to hell for a while.

It just suddenly struck me today, as the gray skies have finally disappeared, to be replaced by a heat wave (I love heat waves :-)), that it's summer, and I should maybe break my routine, grab some light reading, eat corn on the cob outside, sit in the sun...smell the roses...

Mr. Lincoln rescued from the heat wave

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