Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sere N dipity

The next installment in my French alphabet ACEO artist card series, the letter "N", came about very serendipitously.

The "N" for "Noel" front side of the ACEO starts with an embellished print of one of my original textile ACEOs. I embellished the print with a stamped fleur-de-lis, a clockface N embellished with a red crystal, and faux typewriter letters spelling out "Noel". The wreath on the door is also embellished with tiny Swarovski crystals.

Gold sparkle acrylic paint highlights the edges and fleur-de-lis (this looks quite dull in the scan, but is very sparkly in person, just like I like things).

On the back of the card I have another representation for the letter "N" - "Neuf" for "9". I created a handmade "9 of diamonds" with a fabric base, hand cut fabric diamonds embellished with crystals, stamping, ribbon, and gold sparkle acrylic paint.

The serendipitous part? The card was already made and sitting in a pile waiting to be embellished, and both sides had "N" words represented on them!

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