Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Road to "L", Part next ACEO

The last lapin to be incorporated into my "L" French alphabet artist card is a relative newcomer to my life, but loved no less than the timeless duo which precedes him...le lapin agile!

I actually wrote about le lapin agile several months ago, both the painting and the Montemarte landmark. Here is a little print of the painting, edged with acrylic paint, mounted on vellum and paper, embellished with a clockface "L" to mark the card in the series, and faux scrabble letters spelling out "lapin".

No trip to Paris is complete for me without at least one, sometimes more than one, trip to Montemarte. I go to the same places and take the same pictures each time. I put one of these pictures on the back of the lapin agile card, embellished with a little gold ink and some stamping, just to make it pretty.

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