Sunday, June 28, 2009

O is for the Birds - Next French Alphabet Artist Card

I mean that literally..."O" is for the birds, since the next card in my French alphabet artist card ACEO series is "O for Oiseau".

I am beginning to fall back into collage paralysis...unable to make a decision on how to put a collage together. The paper elements have been sitting on the desk for nearly a week, and the feathers were discovered in a pile of decorator trims at least that long ago.
But taking the next step has taken all too long.

I solved the problem by reaching for a lovely rust colored fabric with gold of the few Asian fabrics I've decided not to sell. I free-motion stitched onto the background with gold metallic thread, then placed my paper elements - a nest, a bird, and a clockface "O" embellished with a blue crystal, and sewed these all into place with gold thread.

Then for the fun part - the feathers! These green feathers are from the trim samples rescued from Juan Carlos when he quitted 218 Connecticut.

On the back is another ACEO collage - stamped and thread-embellished paper with a metal cat brad and faux typewriter letters spelling out "oiseau".

Since I found a lovely scripted word "Birds" in my paper stash, I added it as well, but it somewhat bothers me that the plural for birds in French would be oiseaux, so I have the singular in french but the plural in English...oh well.

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  1. Well, you don't have to put a "college" together (I can tell where your head is! :) But this collage is amazing, as are all your pieces. What will you do after Z?