Monday, June 8, 2009

Anatomy of a Secret Garden Artist Card

My Secret Garden artist card / ACEO auction ended successfully today, but unfortunately my best collector was blocked from last-second bidding by the dreaded eBay re-signin process.

What to do? Make a Second Chance Offer and make another Secret Garden!

I enjoy remaking artist cards. Once the design and "engineering" are done, it's relaxing to just gather the parts and put it all together.

There are so many parts and pieces and steps in these designs:
  1. find the fabric and the glitter tulle
  2. cut out the timtex interfacing
  3. gather pieces - charm, key, hinges, padlock, crystals, gold cord, letters
  4. oops, head out to Michaels to find more keys, more hinges, more gold cord
  5. stop at Joanne's, still looking for hinges
  6. settle for silver instead of gold hinges, different keys, thinner gold cord :-(
  7. add jump rings and bails to the charms
  8. machine embroider the inside garden - 5 different rayon and metallic threads
  9. cut out the 3/8" scrabble letters (this can be done in front of an episode of Dark Shadows)
  10. glue the letters onto the backing fabric
  11. sew the glitter tulle in place on the backing
  12. oops, print out another set of clockface letters since the J is already used
  13. cut out the "J" and layer it with fabric, timtex and Misty Fuse
  14. glue the crystal onto the "J" with Gem Tac
  15. cover the door in fabric using Misty Fuse
  16. sew the detail lines onto the door
  17. There, almost done...

    Now just need to:
  18. have Megan sew the French knots
  19. paint the sides of the door and J, and add dry brush details to the door
  20. trim the inside, add the CAT
  21. sew on the backing
  22. add the hinges and padlock to the door
  23. string up the charms on the gold cord
  24. add a grommet to the inside to hold the charms
  25. sew the door on with the gold cord
  26. sign, seal and deliver
I really do enjoy making these little gems :-)

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