Monday, June 1, 2009

ACEO Theme Week - Secret Garden Artist Card Revealed!

Yesterday's secret art is today's revealed art - a 3-dimensional Secret Garden complete with working door!

some gold cord and dangling charms...

on the inside, a summer garden in full bloom!

On the back, messages spelled out in tiny scrabble letters...

I first created a secret garden ACEO in 2008, and each one has been quite a success. I love the concept of dimensional ACEOs, but the occasion needs to be special, since there is a lot of work involved in making them! Well, a lot of good and special things have come together this month - Megan is home from Paris, I am finally finding a little time for my art, my summer garden is in bloom, my French alphabet series continues and I just happen to be on the J!

Perfect for "J A R D I N".

This is primarily a textile creation. Both the door and the base card are created from fabric on stiff interfacing. Stitching and acrylic paint define the details on the door, with metal charms forming the working hinges and the padlock.

Upon opening the door one comes upon a summer garden in full bloom. This is a garden-themed fabric which has been embellished with free-motion machine embroidery in a variety of colorful threads, supplemented by hand embroidered French knots (added by french-knotting expert Megan).

On the back, a weathered fabric wraps around to the front in a stitched binding, and the faux scrabble letters spell out 'jardin secret' or secret garden, encased in gold glitter tulle.

In keeping with every card in this series, a letter clockface sports the letter 'J', this time hanging from a gold cord, to which has also been added a key for the garden and a fleur-de-lis charm, with a jewel decorating the clockface. On the back of the 'J' is a floral fabric.

There are definitely more doors in my ACEO-artist-card-making future!

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  1. Very creative, and so beautiful! Great work Diane. AMAZING work!!