Monday, May 4, 2009

Well Traveled Invader

If I were to write of my experiences with the French postal service, this would be one negative post, and I might even cry a little, so instead, I'll focus on the happy ending of this story.

This invader started in San Francisco on 8 avril, flew overnight to Paris, was held captive in customs for over a week, was finally released, came back to San Francisco...

and was then resent to Paris, arriving on 4 mai...

where he now rests comfortably in the Carte Postale book. Quel voyage!

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  1. Hey Diane you should try the Italian postal service (many Ebay vendors don't even ship to Italy because the postal service is so bad). Thanks goodness I only live in Italy part of the time, so i can get all the good sides, but still get my mail delivered in the UK! Anyway, your little invader is really cute! And I am glad to hear you found use for my background paper. How funny that you discovered I had made it by looking at my blog banner!