Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rome was not built in a day...nor was my Italy ACEO!

It was almost 2 weeks ago that I finished the "H" artist card in my French alphabet ACEO series.

Some of the letters in this series were immediately obvious to me, but I've had to work for some others. I had to work for the "I", actually flipping through my antique French dictionary (it is so much more satisfying to turn the pages of an antique book than a new one, and to occasionally stick my nose into it and smell it :-)).

When I happened across "italie", complete with a 3/4 page map, I felt a bit sheepish about not having thought of it sooner...after all, I am italian!

But with scrapbooks and homecomings and housecleanings and the store, it has taken me quite some time to build my little roman empire.

Not quite done, but well underway!

The background is hand-painted in the colors of the italian flag. On this surface I free-motion stitched with variegated thread. An outline map of italie was printed on green cardstock (thank you Bubbie for the suggestion of solid dark was perfect), then stitched in place along with the "I" clockface. Gel medium tacks the letters in place and adds dimension and shine to the other paper elements.

Just have to figure out the back now!

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  1. Looking good! I just moved my D for Dreams aceo into my bathroom, so I can continue dreaming as I wake up each morning!