Monday, May 11, 2009

Parisian Mystery Unraveled

While walking around Montemarte in March, on the way from Sacre Coeur to le Cafe des Deux Moulins, we came across this statue of a man seemingly coming out of a wall.
Of course I took a picture, but didn't pursue it. I'm not even sure there was a plaque or explanation nearby.

This past weekend Megan and Will were in Montemarte, and apparently stopped to take a picture of another view of this statue.

Well, curiosity piqued, I googled something like "status of man in the wall in Montemarte" and...voila (gotta love the internet at times like this)!

The "man" in question is a "fellow named Dutilleul", in a story written by Marcel Aymé, to which I may have been clued in since we were walking on Place Marcel Aymé, the artist was Jean Marais (do I have this right??), and the name of the story/work is Le Passe-Muraille (The man who could walk through walls, or the Walker through Walls).

The wonderful and remarkable story is here.

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  1. That is really cool Diane! Thanks for sharing! Now, can you create an aceo of this man?