Thursday, May 21, 2009

Homecomings Part 1

A well-traveled quilt has finally come home to join the other hundreds around the house.

"Botticelli's Elements", completed in Feb of 2007 (wow, that long ago!) was part of the Transatlantic Quilt Challenge II and has been to the UK and back, with lots of exhibit venues in between.

The challenge was to create a quilt using some of a specific 6 fabrics, 3 each from the US and UK. I think those were the only requirements, but I honestly don't remember (no surprise here!). The fabrics were quite disparate and not even necessarily all that attractive :-)

But there was one which grabbed me, and was chosen to be my focal subject, a fabric representation of Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Coincidentally we had traveled to Italy just the prior year and I had seen this wonderful painting at the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence.

I decided to capture 6 elements - Venus, the shell, the robe, the background trees, water, wind and the wind-strewn flowers - with the 6 fabrics, not is a realistic way, but in a elemental manner most representative of my quilting style, using predominantly squares.

The squares are all rough-edge applied to a batik background.

The larger elements are satin-stitched along the edges.

Extensive free-motion quilting covers the piece!

Need to get some better pictures, but this is a quick attempt to capture the homecoming.

Botticelli's Elements, Diane Weber, 48" x 48"

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