Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Gift of Collage

I haven't had a chance to thank my collage colleague Carla (how's that for alliteration?) for the wonderful collage sheet I won from her blog. I thought I was only getting the beautiful white rose background, so imagine my surprise when I opened the document to find not one but 9 images!

I must do something special with each of them...hopefully soon I will be well enough to get back to my French A, B, Cs!

Thank you, Carla, each and every one is stunning and not only gives me something to work with, but something to aspire to as well :-)

Oh and Happy Mother's Day! I must find a photo from last year, as this year 6000 miles separate my baby and I :-(

Mother's Day 2008, Legion of Honor San Francisco, Dale Chihuly Exhibit

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  1. Who is this mother and what did you do with Dianne? Hi! June here (seafog on ebay's aceo group). I have to explain that I had you pictured (not on purpose, one doesn't plan those things) as a plump gray-hair maybe in a bun type lady. Wow was I wrong. Great picture of you and your daughter. Glad I stumbled here this morning. I'm still finding my way around your blog, enjoying your words and art.