Sunday, May 17, 2009

From Cards to the Scrapbook

All the creative energy available is being poured into the Paris Scrapbook, to hopefully be in some state of completion before THURSDAY!

One of the things I need to learn is how to take pictures of scrapbook layouts...the 12x12 size does not lend itself to scanning.
I love the soft colors and warm thoughts spread onto these two pages...simple quiet moments and simple pleasures...ah, Mamie G√Ęteau!

Then some not-so-quiet but just as memorable, from le lieu le plus heureux sur la terre!
I got to use the Mickey Mouse confetti, also known as pixie dust, that I patiently picked up from the ground after the parade...when was that...Christmas I think, maybe 2003??

And then there are the moments I get to live only through the pictures, but I can feel the fun, the love and the warmth of the Paris sun!

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  1. Magnifique, everything you make is so beautiful!