Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ephemeral Tales

There were so many little precious moments from that trip to Paris, moments I will treasure forever. One such memory is of a very warm and sunny afternoon sitting outside at Mamie Gâteaux, a tiny little Salon de Thé, boutique and brocante in the 6th arrondisement, right around the corner from the dorm. Megan was busy with her embroidery...

I was busy listening to the interesting conversation from the lady at the next table starting an important cupcake business in Paris. I will think of her now and then and wonder at the fate of cupcakes in a world of croissants, macaroons, palmiers, pain au chocolate, and tons of additional baked goods poured out daily by the seemingly millions of boulangeries and patisseries of Paris.

The business card came home with me, but like most ephemeral bits, was lost for a while. One night I remembered where it was, got up from bed and found it in the folder with all my "Paris March 2009" ephemera.

You see I knew I would use it in my French alphabet series as soon as I got to the "G".

But I couldn't use the original, so I must scan it. Well then it sat on the scanner for a while. Next time I went to use the scanner, it kind of stuck to the lid, then flew off and fell behind my shelf, down among the dust and spider parts. Like Amelie screams and panics at the suicide of the goldfish, I too panic at the thought of this precious piece of ephemera buried among the dust. Thankfully only a few items of furniture needed to be moved to retrieve this treasure.

So it is a scanned and printed copy, not the original, that has made it's way onto the back of the "G" ACEO French flash card.

And on the front, a very special gâteau, un gâteau de mariage!

ACEO "G is for Gâteaux", Diane Weber, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

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