Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eiffel Tower Shrine

If there is anything better than an Eiffel Tower artist card, it's an Eiffel Tower SHRINE artist card :-)

This amazing little shrine was one of the projects I made while at the ZNE convenzione this weekend.

Just a few ephemeral elements - the Eiffel Tower of course, a Paris sign, a butterfly, and two word charms - "dream" and "hope".
But what makes this little gem so special is all the sparkle! All along the bottom is crystal glass glitter, and there is more fine glass glitter along the first and second levels of the tower, and along the sides.

The shrine closes up. On the outside, lovely paper is supplemented on the front with watch faces, making it a bit steampunk...

and on the back, the paper and glitter-supplemented ribbon which wraps around to the front, and a gold star charm secured with wire sits at the top.

I can't decide whether or not to sell this one...


  1. What a cool idea...You could do a series of shrines to all the worlds' great monuments!